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A little girl with tattered clothes
Walked on the bombshelled ground.
Tears flowed down her dirt-stained cheeks.
She did not make a sound.

Bombs were falling from the sky.
Her body shook with fear,
And yet she kept on walking.
She had lost what she held dear.

She saw dead bodies in the street
And heard some soldiers laugh.
The Russians blew up what they could
And took things in their path.

She found a place to hide again
And packed herself in tight.
The cold stones protected her.
She slept through the night.

The sun came up to welcome her
And down the road she went.
She found no food or water
And her energy was spent.

She searched in vain for family
The war had ripped away.
She knew there was no one
Who would ask her to stay.

The emptiness she felt inside
Was like a giant hole.
Her faith in God had disappeared.
She feared for her soul.

War came to the streets of Kiev.
It would not stay the same.
Brave men would die and one small child
On the streets of Ukraine.