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Found on Pinterest on 9-21-16. Saved from peacefulafricandaisues.blogspot.com.

A dark-haired child
went down to the bank
of a clear-running stream
to play a small prank.

She knew that the fairies
came down there to play 
and she heard them giggle 
the day away.
She watched as they left 
a jug full of rum
and left-over food.
She started to hum.
She ate what was left
of the fairies lunch.
She cut them some flowers
and left them a bunch.

Then she hid in a tree
til the twilight faded
and took a long nap
while she patiently waited.
When the moon came out
and lit up the ground,
the fairies came back
and they gathered round.

They danced and they sang
and they chanted her name:
"Little girl, come out.
There's no need for shame." 

"Sing with us, child,
and dance here with me."
"Your feet will fly,
and soon you'll be free."

So she danced with them,                                                                                        
and sat for a while.
They begged her to sing
as she gave them a smile.                                                        

She started to sing                                                  
with a voice pure and clear.
The more she sang,
the angels drew near.                                      

They asked her to play                                                          
an old violin.
She took it and placed it
under her chin.

She drew the bow back, 
and the violin cried.
She played and it laughed,
and she made it sigh.

All who heard it
felt reconciled
towards God, who said:
"Well-done, My child."

Found on Facebook 11-11-17.