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There once was a bird

who had no song.

He would try to sing,

but it felt all wrong.

His heart was broken.

His mother had died.

He felt so lost and

empty inside.


Photo-Found on Pinterest. Quote: Kahlil Gibran. Every Day Spirit.


He thought he would

never sing a tune.

So he tried his best

to bay at the moon.

But it felt all wrong,

and he fell asleep.

When the morning came,

he could only weep.


He refused to sit

in his nest all day.

So he chirped with birds

along the way.

They introduced him

to friends.

He finally felt that

he could mend.


On one of his flights,

He met a brown bird,

and he fell in love

with just a word.

They built a nest

and lined it with care.

Soon, little birds  

chirped everywhere.


The bird who thought

he could not sing,

lifted his feathers

and took wing.

He sang, ” Cheer,cheer, “

with such great love,

That God sent him praise

from the heavens above.