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When your tender heart is broken

in tiny, little pieces

and hope is slowly dying

inside you ’til it ceases;


When dreams become illusions

and nothing else is real,

past ideals have crumbled,

and you find that you can’t feel;


When life seems sad and empty

and your insides hollowed out,

you know you are drowning,

but you can’t even shout


For someone to help you 

and take you by your hand,

who restores your faith in people

and says she understands.


It is time to dig inside you

and really dig deep

to find a lot of courage

even as you weep.


Hold it tight within you

and call it by it’s name.

Sweep out past mistakes

and stop the self-blame.


Observe the world around you

and enjoy Nature’s gifts.

Try to find the positives

and give yourself a lift.


For life cannot get better

if you sit in deep despair

and refuse to make an effort

to find others who care.