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Found on Pinterest on 6-24-17. Flower girl. Saved from touchn2btouched.tumblr. com. HD Exhibit theme by Dustin Hoffman.


In life, we end up trying out multiple things to see if we enjoy doing them. We also tend to do again what we are successful in accomplishing. But what is rare in life is to find something we are passionate about, something in life we are born to do.

We can feel the difference inside our bodies, our minds, and our souls. Our attention becomes focused on that which we love. We can feel a rhythm in our body and a heightened awareness inside our innermost self. It almost feels like our soul is dancing with the universe. We are driven  to be more, and we touch joy while we are doing the thing we are born to do. Our mind, body and soul unite while doing it. We become transformed and renewed by what we feel and are.

 The girl dressed as a flower in the picture is performing ballet. She is focused and feels an inner rhythm. She literally believes she is a flower for a period of time. She is dancing with the universe and she feels the magic. We feel the magic too while watching her.

There is nothing like it when we do what we are meant to do. We feel alive and happy. We also feel like we are giving to others the best of what we are. We are giving the gift of ourselves and we are creating magic from within our soul. We offer that gift to the world.