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Darkness swirls all around us,                                     

Makes us yearn for what is bright.

We all need some up-lifting,

And assurance we’ll be alright.


Christ, our Savior, beckons to us,

Found on Beating Trauma.com. on 3-26-16. Bryant McGill.

Says for us to trust in Him,

Take Him in our hearts forever,

Even when our hope grows dim.


“Dear sweet child, it is your duty                         

To spread the message of My love,

And the hope of sweet redemption,

That awaits us all above.”


“Shine your light,” says the Savior,                    

“Don’t be timid with its glow,

 For it will guide souls to safety,

Even though the rough winds blow.”


“We must tear down the barriers                                

Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16.. Daniel F. Gerhartz. Innocence. studyincontrasts.tumblr.com.

That divide us from each other

And do the things that bring us

Closer to one another.”


“Shine your light in the shadows,

Reveal your fears that gather there.

Let us join hands together,

To heal the sorrows that we share.”


” For God’s love is ever-present,

Even if your flame burns low.

When you bring your souls together,

God’s love multiplies and grows.”


“For she who teaches me.”