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Found on Pinterest on 5-13-17.. Saved from flickr.com. Geyser Gary. Fairy Falls, Oregon.

In the green forest, I walk,

Lost in a myriad of shades

 Of green and brown.

The leaves shimmer

In the rays of the sunlight.

Some of the trees

Stand tall in the 

Shadows of the forest.

I stand transfixed

By the sound of silence.

I close my eyes

And smell the rich

Soil teaming with life.


I  carry within me

An ocean of sadness.

It ‘s pain pierces me,

And leaves me

Feeling defenseless.

I am burdened by shame

And feel  the old memories

Crawl to the surface

Of my consciousness.

I yearn to feel

Cool water against

My face and hair.

I pray for peace.


I gather my strength

And walk down 

The old forest trail.

I hear the sound

Of  running water

Falling against

The surfaces of rocks.

I see ahead of me

A cascade of

Small waterfalls. 

I slowly walk under

The cool water,

Feeling able to breathe again.


I can feel the gentle hands                          

Found on Pinterest on 10-23-16. Henry David Thoreau. Saved from Idnaturephotography.com.

Of the falling mist

Caress my troubled brow.

I can hear the rush

Of cascading water;

 Feel the wetness

Against my dry skin;

And hear the song

The dancing water

Makes, striking stone.

I feel my pain wash away,

And God’s peace

Descend on me.