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If I say, “Move these mountains,

Move these mountains in my way.”

Would Jesus move them for me,

And bring me rest today?


If I said, “Be my Saviour,                              


Found on Pinterest on 11-26-15. Simon Dewey. From: I Am A Child.

Be my Saviour and my King.”

Would Jesus come to save me,

Tuck me beneath His wing?


If I said, “Remove my sins, Lord.

Make me white as falling  snow.”

Would He walk me to the river,

Wash me clean like long ago?


If I said, “Make me humble.

Take away my foolish pride.”

Would He use me as a vessel,

And teach my heart to open wide?


If I said, “I come before You,

Like a child that’s innocent.”

Would He wipe away these tears, love,

And receive me penitent?


For I know I need the Lord,

Need His love and His trust.

“Please come and take me, Jesus, 

Before it all turns to dust.”