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“I’m on my own,”

Said the young man

To his aging Father,

Who stood at the door,

Blinking his tears away.

“You don’t understand

“I’m going to set on fire

This world, wait and see.”

“You’d just be a bother,

In getting what I desire.

I want to fly free.”


The old man bent over,

And picked up his heart

From the clean-swept floor.

His thoughts took him back

When he would  snow track

The deer with his only Son.

He knew from the start,

He would love and adore

His Son until he died.

He wished him well, and

Over the years, he cried.

Found on Pinterest on 2-21-16

Found on Pinterest on 2-21-16


The Son had forgotten

That he had a Dad;

Spent years making money,

And became a success.

He’d be the first to confess,

He knew that his Dad felt bad,

Because he hadn’t visited him,

Once in all these years.

He woke up one morning,

And his Dad was dead,

And he wept, about words unsaid.