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Sometimes, Lord, I feel so weary                       

With the burdens that I bear.

It seems I’m always on my own now,

Found on Pinterest on 6-22-16,

Found on Pinterest on 6-22-16,

Obstacles are everywhere.

People say I need to trust you,

Learn You always keep Your word,

But that’s hard for me to do, Lord

After all that has occurred.

Faith is hard to believe in.

No one’s ever followed through

With promises they’ve made me,

Regardless of the good I do.

How can I trust another

Who has broken my heart,

And betrayed the things I stand for,

And has ripped my soul apart?

How do I forgive another

Who has caused me so much pain?

How do I turn off my anger

And find a way to obtain

Peace that comes with acceptance, 

Love that comes with sacrifice,

Knowledge to resolve my struggles,

And a “self” that would suffice.

Found on Pinterest on 3-21-16.

Found on Pinterest on 3-21-16.


Come, Lord, help me with my burdens.

Give me strength to face the years.                     

Help me learn to surrender

To Your will my greatest fears.