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I dreamed last night of my good friend.

I dreamed our friendship did not end.

Our hearts united in God’s land  

Found on Pinterest on 11-28-15. Luc Perrot .Lovely Nightscapes.

Found on Pinterest on 11-28-15. Luc Perrot. Lovely Nightscapes.

Where friends were walking  hand in hand.

I dreamed I cared about her soul

And everything about her whole.

I wish that dreams could still come true.

I wish our friendship was new.

Instead my heart grows bitter still.

With falling tears I climb the hill.

My body touches the cold ground.

I know my tears are falling down.

Not long ago, I gave my all,

But now between us is a wall.

Oh, God, this wall I cannot break.

My heart and soul are just one ache.

She threw away the gifts I gave.

My burning tears now mark a grave.

Filled with sorrow, my heart cries.

I see the sadness in my eyes.

To stand again amid the grass

And hear once more the winds that pass;

But bitter eyes see not the rain,

Nor feel the sun through blinding pain.

God of wind, and rain, and storm,

Please keep me safe and  keep me warm.

Place pure  forgiveness in my heart.

Plant friendship’s seed and watch it start.

Yu/stan/kema (age 15).