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Found on Pinterest on 7-17-15. Jama Mackey.

Found on Pinterest on 7-17-15. Jama Mackey.

A little child sits, and thinks, and feels.

She’s always eager to make a deal.

Her eyes shine bright with so much joy

When you take the time to read a story.

She knows her love for you is real.

She wants you to see her filled with glory.

She sees you as kind, and good, and great.

She doesn’t get mad when you are late.

She believes your heart is made of gold.

In her eyes, you’ll never, never grow old.

She gives you the world on a silver platter.

All she wants is herself to really  matter

To the person who has a place in her heart

And comforts her when the tear drops start.

She seeks to give, to laugh, and relate

To you and wants to communicate

Sadness and sorrow to someone who knows

How children feel and how they  grow.