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Found on Pinterest on 6-19-15.

Found on Pinterest on 6-19-15. Crosscards.com.

Spirit of the living God

Come  and  comfort me.

In the darkness of this day,

Help me to be

Someone with a strong hand,

And  wisdom to see

A child is crying out in pain

And needs to be set free.

Acceptance comes in many forms.

Compassion is the key.

I need Your reassurance

So I can help her now

Deal with the frustration

As she learns how

To connect the dots inside

And find a better way

To communicate the feelings

Hiding in her today.

Help me understand

How hard  it is to trust

Someone she relies  on

To be  fair and just.

I’ve learned it’s never easy

To heal a damaged heart.

It requires strength of Spirit

Right from the start.

It takes a lot of patience

And persistence too, 

A lot of caring,

And  skills to renew,

A child’s flagging spirit

When you don’t know

What to do.

The rewards can be many

For those who dare to try

To heal a damaged spirit

And teach a soul to fly.

God holds a  place apart

For therapists who take

The time to help a child

Become spiritually awake.


Found on Pinterest on 6-20-15.

Found on Pinterest on 6-20-15. you tube.com.