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Who knows where this road will take me.

Starting over is so hard to do.

There is fear mixed up with surrendering

To God’s will and my destiny.

It is true you must trust in God’s wisdom,

Trust in the goodness of man,

Put your hand in the hand of the Savior,

And do the best that you can.

How do I leave my loved refuge

To travel a dangerous road?

There are no road signs to guide me.

The weight of my past is huge.

The world says, sometimes to make it

To the end of this winding path,

I may have to leave behind loved ones,

And deal with a boatload of wrath.

I must travel this road in darkness,

Through storms that will shake my soul.

Along life’s road, if I’m lucky,

It won’t take a terrible toll.

With a heart that is gentle and loving

And a soul that seeks to grow,

I need a guide with perspective

And skills I do not know.

I must find the strength to hold tight

To the spark of hope in my heart,

And learn to love the “self”

Someone had ripped apart.

I need to truly believe

In the part I call myself,

So I can find the courage

To share its priceless wealth.


Found on Google+ on 12-3-14. Written by Clint Eastwood.

Found on Google+ on 12-3-14. Written by Clint Eastwood.