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Found on Pinterest on 3-3-15.

Found on Pinterest on 3-3-15.

I’m Going Home

I’m going home to see my Father.

Going home to rest my head,

After laying down these burdens,

On His shoulders and His chest. 

Going to ask for His forgiveness.

Going to kneel beside  His feet. 

Going to share with Him my sorrows.

And ask for sweet relief.


I’m going Home to see my Father.

This old world is full of pain.

I’ve had so many losses,

It’s been hard to maintain

My faith and hope in Jesus

As I’ve carried my burdens

Through the pouring rain.

I’ve nothing left to gain.


I know that He is waiting

To lift my burdens down,

To wipe away my tear drops

And put His arms around

My old, broken body

Before He places me

In His lovely Garden 

With an eternal spring.