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O. Zsuzsaound in scrapebook on G+ on 1-17-15

Zsuzsa G. in scrap-book on G+ on 1-17-15.

“Dear Father, which art in heaven, please hear my prayer. I come to you with anxiety about the future which seems to be full of  unpredictability. I have always been able to take care of myself and use my strengths to problem-solve. My steadfast persistence and stubbornness enabled me to open doors which would have been shut to me. My boundless energy and intelligence enabled me to do work that I  loved and produced an income that kept me comfortable. I was secure in my identity and was confident about my capabilities.

I was young, Lord,  and sure of myself as a person and filled with hope about the future. I loved my family and life was good. Each day was filled with endless possibilities. I was happy, Father.

As I grew older, the road of life became filled with many obstacles. Illness came and precious resources were lost. My family scattered to the four corners of the earth. I was left alone to cope, Lord, and I relied upon Your strong hand to lift me out of  despair and place me on the road of life again. I learned to survive on my own, Lord, with Your help. I had a job, my identity was intact, and life was good. The years passed and I retired.

Father, I became lost, without a sense of identity. Illness came and old age left its imprint on my body. Doubts crept in as I struggled with the loss of who I use to be. I no longer had the strength to deal with my pain or the energy to tackle life’s  problems. My financial resources were limited. I became angry, Father, and all I could see were the losses over the years. I felt betrayed and abandoned by You, Lord, and I was angry and bitter towards You. I lost hope in the future and my faith in people as well as myself.

But today, Lord, I am finding the courage to come to You as a child, who has grown weary of trying to do it all. I yearn to lay my head down on Your shoulder. I need Your help for the journey ahead. Please, give me the strength to face each day as it comes. Heal my body and let me be an instrument for peace. Help me regain my sense of identity and be of use to You and the world. If death should come, help me face it with dignity and honor. Help me find a sense of purpose worthy of You.

Lord, teach me to be kind, slow to anger, and help me speak words of encouragement. Open my heart to receive others and help me learn to be  patient, less quick to be judgmental, and more accepting of the differences in others. Help me become compassionate to those whose lives I touch.

Lord, help me learn to love myself  and to show myself the same compassion I give to others. Most of all, Dear Father, teach me to accept what ever happens and to develop an attitude of gratitude for the things I have and stop focusing on what I don’t have. Give me the strength to let go of the past and my need to control. Help me open my heart and soul to You and surrender myself to Your will. Amen.”