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Paintography of the Grass76. by Ray Bilcliff. Seen on Google+ on 12-4-14

Paintography of the Grass. by Ray Bilcliff. Seen on Google+ on 12-4-14

Healing Pattie

Tonight I sing this song for you

Before you go to sleep.

Rest gently in the arms of God.

There is no need to weep.

For I will keep you safe from harm

Whenever you’re awake.

Remember always I love you.

You’re not a big mistake.

I’ll sit with you and rock a while

And hold you in my arms.

I’ll read to you a storybook

And watch for your sweet charms.

Together we will face what comes,

Whether good or bad.

Remember I am by your side

Whenever you feel sad.

So sleep tonight my little one.

Feel safe within your bed.

Hold closely in your heart, dear child,

The stories that I’ve read.

Wake up tomorrow with new hope.

Believe in what I say:

Your heart  and soul is in God’s hands.

He’ll take your pain away.