Take Time To Enjoy Nature.

It is wonderful to get away from the same routine day after day. We need change in our lives in manageable doses. Vacations are a gift from God. It’s His way of saying, “Rest, listen, immerse yourself in beauty, and commune with Me.” We don’t always follow the little voice inside us that communicates with God. We lose so much when we don’t. I was able to go on vacation several weeks ago. This is what I wrote about my experience:

I am sitting in a chair on the deck of my son’s house in Illinois, and I am relaxing beside a huge Norway Maple that casts shade as I write. The leaves are talking to each other as they rustle in the wind. The breeze is cool and feels nice as it ruffles my hair and blows against my cheeks.

From the time I could walk, I loved the trees and the sound of the wind. They sing songs my soul can hear and understand. Sometimes, I think they are as much a part of me as my limbs. The wind and trees soothe me like nothing else can do.

The trees in Illinois are magnificent. They are special because they grow close together and look healthy. There are many kinds of trees, and underneath them, shrubs, tall grass, and wildflowers grow abundantly. So many colorful flowers grow along the roadside. I breathe and take it all in and can feel the beating of my heart.

I look out over my son’s back yard. It is filled with trees. He planted a lot of trees last year. The older trees stand tall in the sunlight. Two giant Weeping Willows grow along the pond. There are Spruce Trees, Magnolias, Birches, Ash Trees, Oak Trees….so many trees. He also planted shrubs, rose bushes, lilies, concord grapes, herbs, and other annuals.  He is now harvesting from his vegetable garden. My son loves the earth and tries to take care of the land. He creates beauty for others. I am blessed that he values nature.  I am grateful that I can retreat here, feed my soul, and commune with God.