Trusting In God


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Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. Derek Hegsted.

All that I am
and strive to be
comes before You
on bended knee.

I'm broken and spent
and I'm empty-handed
in a world full of evil
where I feel stranded.

My heart is heavy
for those in pain
and for the stressors
that seem to remain.

It's all I can do
to stay on my feet
and take a step forward
and not feel defeat.

So many losses
over the years
have taken a toll
and left me in tears.

My faith has been shattered
in all I once knew.
I became angry
and distanced from You.

I come to You, God,
with my heart in my hands.
I'm tired and exhausted.
Will You understand?

I just want to stand
in the warmth of Your light
and hear You say: 
" It will be alright."

Just, rock me to sleep
 by the light of the moon
and promise me, please,
You'll be coming back soon.

The New Year Is Almost Here.


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The New Year shines ahead of us

And the old year’s gone faster than most.

We hope good days lie before us

And the past will soon be toast.

The old year has taught us lessons.

We’ve survived hardship and pain.

We’ve learned to endure the darkness

And hide our tears in the rain.

We’ve lived through the sting of betrayal.

We’ve faced death by disease day by day.

We’ve grieved the losses we’ve suffered,

And we’ve learned when to walk away.

There is hope in a new tomorrow,

And a chance to make things right.

All we need is to love each other

And seek God’s holy light.

We can learn to trust our neighbor

And give straight from the heart.

We can learn to accept each other’s

Differences from the start.

We need to focus on living 

Each moment one by one

And count our many blessings

When each day is done.


The Gift Of Giving


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Holy is the One who came

To save us from our sins.

God gave to us His greatest gift

To help us make amends.

He sent His Son to die for us

And gave us life eternal.

He helps us deal with obstacles

Because He is paternal.

On Christmas Day we honor Christ

For all He did for us,

And when we give we can


The gifts of blessedness.


Mountains To Climb.


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I’ve been given many mountains


Found on Pinterest on 10-8-15.

To climb in my life.

Some have been easy

And some full of  strife.


There were mountains I thought

I could not climb,

But I practiced persistence

And climbed them the next time.


There were days I felt strong

And days I felt weak.

Some days I cried hard

And could not speak.


But I kept on climbing. 

 I could see far below

The obstacles before me

And the way I should go.


I have one more mountain

To climb before death:

To fulfill God’s purpose

Before my last breath.




Life Is A Mixture Of Joy and Sorrow


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Peaceful-9-21-16 Pinterest.

 Follow me down to the river

 On a bright, clear summer day.

We’ll search for minnows by the river bank

And take the time to play.


Follow me out to the meadow

Where the wild flowers grow.

We’ll stop and smell all the flowers

And dance as the wind blows.


Follow me down to the sea,

And we’ll walk in the drifting tide.

We’ll pick up sea shells on the shore

And open our arms wide.


Follow me down the road of life

And give me a helping hand.

When the road seems long and hard,

Just tell me you’ll understand.


For life is always a mixture

Of joy as well as sorrow,

And while today may be full of loss,

There is always the hope of tomorrow.




Have A Good Thanksgiving Day.


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Let us give thanks for being alive
And having the courage to survive.
Let us be thankful for good friends
And family on whom we can depend.
Thank You God, for our daily bread,
And the wonderful books we have read.
Let us give thanks to God on high
For the birds that sing as they fly.
Forgive us God when we fail to see
Your gifts to us can set us free.
For even in loss, when all is gone,
God gives us hope with each new dawn.
When we are lost  in the darkest night,
The moon and stars bring us home with light.
And when death comes and  life is done,
God gives us Life through His only Son.

Meekness Is Not A Weakness.


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Life is a roller coaster.

It’s full of ups and downs.

Just when we think we have control,

We are thrown out to the ground.

We try to hold on to time with a list

And keep to a schedule or two,

But just as we think we are almost done,

We are hindered in what we can do.

We go through life with our beliefs

And are sure we know what is real.

But betrayal can cause so much harm,

We’re consumed by the sorrow we feel.

We live our lives based on trust

And it gets us through the week.

But when things go wrong as they often do,

We learn we have to be meek.

It’s a hard virtue for us to learn

And it takes time to grow.

We can find peace as we go through life

If we learn to “Go with the flow.”


Seasons In Life.


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Red and gold are colors of Autumn:
A time when life is in its prime,
And death is but a certainty
When leaves fall and squirrels climb.

They search  for food to survive the winter
And gather seeds to put in the ground.
They seem to remember where they are buried
And are relieved when they are found.

The cold wind blows and bends the branches
Of trees that are thin and stand so tall.
They seek to be quite resilient
So none of their branches break and fall.

The  seasons in life for a human being
Are like the seasons of nature too.
There is a time  for growth and existing,
And a time for one's dreams to come true.

Old age comes when the body is weaker,
And losses occur year after year.
The wise man seeks to be resilient
And knows that death is drawing near.

For nature and man have the hope  of renewal,
To live again and to have some worth.
Man seeks to make, for others, a difference,
And trees leave their seeds to grow in the earth.

Surviving Autumn


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There is a touch of Autumn in the air.                                    14440943_332498027098579_1325251715465713705_n-fbtl

Birds are busy flying every where.

Autumn has arrived a month late.

And birds have to act, not hesitate.

They search for shelter from the cold wind,

A place, they sense, is easy to defend.

Birds are just trying to survive.

They want to keep their loved one’s alive.

Still, they find the time to soar the sky

And wave their wings to God as they fly by.                                                       Facebook photo- Oct. 2016.


The strong wind of Autumn strikes my door

And urges me to bundle up for more.

I choose to stock my shelves to over-flowing,

So i can eat well when the snow starts blowing.

My faithful dog keeps me company,

And when I walk her, she protects me.

I read and write to fill my hungry mind.

Still, I miss the touch of human kind.

By loving God and others, I’m made whole,

For I am feeding my lonely soul.


The Love For A Dog.


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ScanJ. dog0001

Scaned by Yu/stan/kema on 2-18-16. Personal photograph.


She’s a sweet little lady

And very protective of me.

Her eyes are no longer sharp,

And she can barely see.


She’s aware of all I do,

For her ears are turned my way.

They track my every movement.

She listens to what I say.


She loves to lay beside me

At night when darkness falls.

We both treasure the silence,

Before the night-owl calls.


My Sheltie soon grows weary.

Her breathing becomes deep.

I sing her sweet lullabies

As she gently goes to sleep.


When her soul enters heaven,

And she leaves this earth behind,

I hope that she’ll remember

I loved her and was kind.