Wishes For Those In Need


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I wish I was a rainbow stretched across the sky.
I'd give hope to those who still need to cry.

I wish I was a sunbeam shining everywhere.
I'd give warmth and comfort when life seems hard to bear.

I wish I was a moonbeam glowing in the dark.
I'd show the way to safety while crossing the park.

I wish I was a cardinal sitting in a tree.
I'd sing songs of gladness for those in misery.

I wish I was a cool breeze on a sunny day.
I'd give relief to those at work and children at play.

If I could make a difference helping those in need,
Then they could feel God's love through every single deed.


Brother’s Ride Across The Sky.


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I'm sorry that your brother died.
I know you carry tears inside.
You called him " Brother" all your life.
Your sorrow cuts you like a knife.

He sheltered you from every harm
And had a certain kind of charm.
You saw his flaws but loved him so,
And it is hard to let him go.

I'm sure he's trying to impress
God with his own worthiness.
He worked hard to build a ranch
And acquired a cowboy stance.

Now it's time to say good-bye. 
He's ridden his horse across the sky.
He knows he'll see you again 
And talk with you of now and then.


The Obstacle Of Fear


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Love comes softly on angels' wings
And touches my shattered soul. 
I am broken beyond repair 
And grief has taken it's toll.

Where do I go when all is gone
And life has lost all meaning?
Is there a place to release my tears
And express the emotions I'm feeling?

The world can be such a lonely place
For a sensitive soul like mine.
How do you open yourself back up
To hurt and say, "I'm fine?"

The struggle to get up off the floor
Is strenuous year after year. 
How do I try to find hope again
When I have such terrible fear?


The Joys OF Fall


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There is a touch of Autumn
Lingering in the air.
The leaves are falling downward
And trees will soon be bare.
The grass is turning yellow
And birds are on the wing.
It won't be long until
We have forgotten Spring.

The harvest moon is coming
And long walks in the woods.
We'll build a roaring campfire
And put on our jacket hoods.

Cold cheeks in late October
And the making of S'Mores
Reminds us of the wonder
Of going out-of-doors.


The Memories We Keep.


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Take me down to the Valley of Thunder
Where the horses run free and wild.
My heart will soar with absolute joy
As it did when I was a child.                                                                   

They will lift their heads and smell the air
Like they did so long ago.
We'll ride on the backs of horses we love
And we'll race to the river below.

The earth will shake from the horses hooves,
And our hair will fly in the wind.
We'll feel the strength of their muscles beneath
And we'll ride 'til the journey's end.

The feeling of wind, ourselves, and the horse,
Stays magical in our minds.
The memories we hold dear within
Will last for a very long time.

The Simple Joys Of Life.


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I love to grow tomatoes                                                                                                                                    
In the summer time.
The taste of the ripe fruit
Is best in its prime.
They have delicious flavor
As they ripen on the vine.
I'll eat a few for supper
With dandelion wine.
I can buy them at the store,
But the taste is not the same
As when they're eatten in the field
And have a famous name.
"Beefsteak " is my favorite
And so is "Better Boy."
It's the simple things in life
That bring us so much joy.

The Irony Of Life.


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Life is full of joy and sorrow.
We never know what comes tomorrow.
We make plans with baited breath
While pushing back the hands of death.
We try to play the hero's part
With an arrow in our heart.

We gather flowers as we go. 
The years fly by and bring us woe.
The losses come one by one,
And we feel our life is done. 
We are told to carry on
And embrace the coming dawn.

We feel such emptiness within.
We weep for what life might have been.
Our hopes and dreams have flown away,
And still we're staying one more day.
Our courage keeps us living here 
After losing all that's dear. 

Consequences Of War.


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A little girl with tattered clothes
Walked on the bombshelled ground.
Tears flowed down her dirt-stained cheeks.
She did not make a sound.

Bombs were falling from the sky.
Her body shook with fear,
And yet she kept on walking.
She had lost what she held dear.

She saw dead bodies in the street
And heard some soldiers laugh.
The Russians blew up what they could
And took things in their path.

She found a place to hide again
And packed herself in tight.
The cold stones protected her.
She slept through the night.

The sun came up to welcome her
And down the road she went.
She found no food or water
And her energy was spent.

She searched in vain for family
The war had ripped away.
She knew there was no one
Who would ask her to stay.

The emptiness she felt inside
Was like a giant hole.
Her faith in God had disappeared.
She feared for her soul.

War came to the streets of Kiev.
It would not stay the same.
Brave men would die and one small child
On the streets of Ukraine.

History Teaches Us Lessons.


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History let's us all know
That life's events come and go,
And they can return again
To show us who we might have been.
 Men are taught to resist
The evil that does exist.
Good men choose not to hate,
And they walk a path that's straight.

History helps us to see
What an evil man can be
When he is filled with hate and greed 
And acts upon his selfish needs.
He conquors others using power
And kills hundreds in an hour.
He feels, sadly, no remorse
And rules others with brute force.

History teaches us of truth,
Love and hatred in our youth.
We have choices we must make
And need to learn from our mistakes.
What will others learn from us?
To seek God's love of righteousness,
Or teach others how to hate
And leave their souls to cruel fate.

Struggling With COVID-19.


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A deep darkness comes
And covers the earth
And slowly removes
Traces of my worth.

Ghosts from the past rise
Up to smother me
With negative thoughts
Of untold misery.

My strength is gone.
Hope has taken wing
And left behind a
Soul that cannot sing.

For Life has changed and
Rearranged my days.
I am left to grieve
All the "old ways."

The fear of disease
Can hold me captive,
While I struggle to
Become adaptive.