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Through the years Mother’s Day has been celebrated as a day to

show respect, honor, and appreciation for those who have taken

care of us and have loved us through the difficult times and the

good times, and who have taught us how to deal with the hardships

in life.

Mothers have been a source of knowledge, a reservoir of love

and forgiveness, and a protector to those in need of protection.

They feel a connection to those they care about. Mothers can be

tender, sympathetic, nurturing, protective, and kind. They are the

very foundation of society.

Some of us did not have nurturing, caring, and protective mothers.

Mother’s Day can be full of turbulent emotions when children have

been neglected. They often carry the wound of that for a very long time.

Yet, neglect can be overcome, life can get better, and hope can grow in

the hearts of those whose mothers were emotionally unavailable.

There are unsung angels among us. Mothers who are not biologically

connected to those they care for, yet they take the time for those in need.

They choose to be emotionally available, nurturing, and supportive to

those who need a mother’s touch. Sometimes they give for a moment

in time: a sympathetic glance, a warm smile, or words of encouragement

to another who needs such kindness.

Some women offer to teach others to cook or give them tips

for parenting a child. There are times when women help us in our

spiritual journeys and they bring us closer to God.

If we can learn that we all need nurturing, protecting, and guidance

from other women to survive well in this world, perhaps we will find the

courage to step up to the plate and do our part to help transform our world

into a place of acceptance and safety. Happy Mother’s Day

to those strong women who reach out and give freely to those in need

of a mother’s love.