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Two children came and sat outside
In the warm summer breezes.
They missed their Mother who had died.
Their hearts felt torn to pieces.

They wanted to honor the life she led,
For she loved her children dearly.
She would give a stranger a loaf of bread,
And she loved her God sincerely.

She would laugh and dance in the light of the moon,
And she sang like an angel from heaven.
She taught them to play an instrument
Although they were eight and eleven. 

Her children mastered the violin,
And she taught them right from the start:
"Music could touch the soul within
And soothe a grieving heart."

They went down to the creek that day, 
And they sat and drew their bows.
They smiled as the music became a dance
And they left their Mother a rose.

For she had given them a priceless skill
To deal with the losses ahead.
They came to love the music they made
And remembered the words she said..



Found on Facebook on 11-13-17,

sacred spirit.

Found on Pinterest on 4-24-16. The violinist (Shelbi) lynnA.