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My life was filled with hope and joy,
Each day a new adventure.
I squandered moments in time
With endless days of pleasure.

I was convinced that I could live
Day by day forever
And I would taste of sweet success
With all of my endeavors.

My strength was once incredible,
And my energy unending,
But old age caught up to me,
And a Pandemic sent me reeling.

All the things that anchored me
Were suddenly torn asunder.
I lost a friend, became quite ill,
And I saw my Country plundered.

My faith in God had disappeared,
And my hope for a better tomorrow
Had crash-landed here on earth,
And I was filled with sorrow.

The last two years I've walked with death
And stayed in isolation.
The world's been turned upside down,
And I'm often filled with frustration.

It's hard to tell what is the truth
And what is a clever lie.
Misinformation flows like oil,
But real facts are hard to deny.

There are many changes as I grow older
And losses I have to accept.
There are techniques and skills I need to learn
So I'll become more adept.

I have been given gifts through the years
That I cherish deep in my heart.
Yet, when I am dealt with repetitive losses,
True acceptance becomes an art.