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Scanned by Yu/stan/Kema on 2-18-16. Personal photograph.
I had a fuzzy little dog
With golden, brownish hair.
He ran with me across the yard,
His nose up in the air.

His body shook with ecstasy
Each time he smelled some food. 
He hunted down and gobbled up
Good meat with gratitude.

His ruff was thick around his head,
And it was white as snow.
And everywhere I tried to walk,
He was sure to go.

His brown eyes sparkled in the sun.
His tongue was long and pink.
He smiled when we were having fun.
One time I saw him wink.

He'd lay beside me in the grass,
His head upon my knee.
The joy we shared was multiplied
 When he would laugh at me.

He is deceased, but still I think
Of him when he would lay
And look at me with soft brown eyes.
I miss him every day.