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I step into a room filled with silence.
A glowing rock illuminates the space
Between two chairs facing each other.
A table lamp adds light in the place.

I sit and wait, holding my breath,
For someone to quietly enter,
Sit peacefully across from me,
And start this new adventure.

She greets me with a gentle smile
And sits in the opposite chair.
She leans forward and invites me
To relax and become aware:

Aware of my current surroundings
And attuned to all of my senses,
Conscious of my present thoughts,
And my emotional defenses.

We explore and discuss what is needed
To bring me back to my Self,
And what skills I need to learn
To improve my emotional health.

We agree to work together
Using honesty and respect
To regulate my emotions
And deal with feelings of neglect.

This room is no longer silent.
It's a refuge for me,
A place for my soul to grow,
And my spirit to fly free.