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Found on Pinterest on 5-24-17. hegsted.com. Derek Hegsted.

All that I am
and strive to be
comes before You
on bended knee.

I'm broken and spent
and I'm empty-handed
in a world full of evil
where I feel stranded.

My heart is heavy
for those in pain
and for the stressors
that seem to remain.

It's all I can do
to stay on my feet
and take a step forward
and not feel defeat.

So many losses
over the years
have taken a toll
and left me in tears.

My faith has been shattered
in all I once knew.
I became angry
and distanced from You.

I come to You, God,
with my heart in my hands.
I'm tired and exhausted.
Will You understand?

I just want to stand
in the warmth of Your light
and hear You say: 
" It will be alright."

Just, rock me to sleep
 by the light of the moon
and promise me, please,
You'll be coming back soon.