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Red and gold are colors of Autumn:
A time when life is in its prime,
And death is but a certainty
When leaves fall and squirrels climb.

They search  for food to survive the winter
And gather seeds to put in the ground.
They seem to remember where they are buried
And are relieved when they are found.

The cold wind blows and bends the branches
Of trees that are thin and stand so tall.
They seek to be quite resilient
So none of their branches break and fall.

The  seasons in life for a human being
Are like the seasons of nature too.
There is a time  for growth and existing,
And a time for one's dreams to come true.

Old age comes when the body is weaker,
And losses occur year after year.
The wise man seeks to be resilient
And knows that death is drawing near.

For nature and man have the hope  of renewal,
To live again and to have some worth.
Man seeks to make, for others, a difference,
And trees leave their seeds to grow in the earth.