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There is a touch of Autumn in the air.                                    14440943_332498027098579_1325251715465713705_n-fbtl

Birds are busy flying every where.

Autumn has arrived a month late.

And birds have to act, not hesitate.

They search for shelter from the cold wind,

A place, they sense, is easy to defend.

Birds are just trying to survive.

They want to keep their loved one’s alive.

Still, they find the time to soar the sky

And wave their wings to God as they fly by.                                                       Facebook photo- Oct. 2016.


The strong wind of Autumn strikes my door

And urges me to bundle up for more.

I choose to stock my shelves to over-flowing,

So i can eat well when the snow starts blowing.

My faithful dog keeps me company,

And when I walk her, she protects me.

I read and write to fill my hungry mind.

Still, I miss the touch of human kind.

By loving God and others, I’m made whole,

For I am feeding my lonely soul.