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How do I heal a heart that is broken?

How do I learn to say good-bye

To someone whose been in my life forever,

When all I can seem to do is cry.

What do I do with the memories between us,

Values we shared from the very start,

Laughter that filled our time with joy,

And acts of caring that touched my heart.

The years have taken a toll upon you

And left me with losses I scarcely can bear.

The friend I once knew is no longer present.

I search in vain for her every where.

How do I live with the changes between us:

“What exists now and what use to be?”

Sorrow and sadness I carry within

For friendship is dying in me.

I’ll someday accept what I cannot change.

I’ll be grateful for memories we shared.

I’ll focus on the good times we had.

What matters is that I cared.