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Dear friend of mine,

My precious friend,

I’ll stay with you

Until the end.


I held you in my arms

When small

And watched you jump 

To catch a ball.


We  walked together

Down the street.

You matched my stride

With your sweet feet.


You watched my face

With loving eyes

And cocked your head                                                                      

When I would sigh.


You often slept

Next to my chair.                                                                      

I felt a love I

Could not bear.


Old age has left

Its mark upon

Your fuzzy face.

Soon, you’ll be gone.


I’ll meet, you friend,

At  heaven’s gate.

I’ll look for you, 

So don’t be late.                                                                    

ScanJ. dog0001

    By Yu/stan/kema on 2-18-16. Personal photograph.