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Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Easter Resurrection Greeting Card. Robyn Stacey.

Pinterest photo. Easter Resurrection greeting card. Robyn Stacey.

Holy, Holy, Lord of all,

Help me when I stumble, fall.

Give me strength to rise again

Above this world full of sin.

Holy, Holy Spirit be

At home here inside of me.

Teach me how to live my life

Without stress and endless strife.

Holy, Holy, God most high,

Show me how “to not ask why.”

Help my faith in You grow strong,

And I will praise You all day long.

Holy Savior of my soul,

You died so I could be made whole.

When You arose from the dead,

You gave eternal life instead.

This Easter is a perfect time

To thank You for Your love sublime.

Your resurrection set me free

From death, sin, and misery.

I’ll celebrate the joy we share

And tell others that you care.

My life with Christ makes me strong

And gives me strength to change what’s wrong.