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Found on Pinterest on 1-1-21.A Savior is born. Noahfineart.com Noah Elias.

   A little baby was born on earth

    On a holy night long ago.

    He was born in a manger on top of the hay,

     Because God loved us so.


   He worked with His hands as a carpenter,

   Yet He spoke in the Holy Temple.

   Christ walked around from town to town,

   And the message He gave was simple:


“Love My Father with all your heart                       

Innocence by lds-artist-David Bowman. Found on Pinterest on 3-3-15.

And choose to accept me as Savior.

Love your neighbor as yourself,

And stop your sinful behavior.”


“Feed the hungry and give to the poor.

Give away your worldly possessions.

Freely repent of the sins you commit,

And I will hear your confessions.”


“Believe in my teachings and receive

The gifts of the Holy Spirit,

For love and peace is the message I bring,

And I ask that your actions reflect it.”


A baby was born in Bethlehem,

So we could be absolved of sin.

We were given the gift of eternal life

And the hope of heaven within.