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We travel through this world

with hope and expectations,

and each of us grew up

with our own preconceptions.

Life happens to us all

and brings good things and bad.

We’ve had moments of laughter

and tears when we were sad.

We’ve learned from those with wisdom,

made mistakes when we’re alone,

and kept repeating messages

our parents had sown.

We reached out to each other

with intentions that were real.

We believed what they were saying,

and how it made us feel.

We looked forward to the future,

and we soothed each others woes.

We accepted imperfections and

we made it through the lows.

But people change much quicker

than we can really see,

and they seem to out-grow us

as we’re left with misery.

We learn there are lessons

in life that leave a sting.

We never can predict

what the years will bring.

– Yu/stan/kema-