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When love comes gently,

It takes you by surprise.

Everything seems easy

Found on Facebook Timeline on 8-8-16. Facebook/Roses.Images.

And time just flies.


There is no hesitation 

Or need to impress. 

There is a sense of peace

And very little stress.                       


When love comes with magic,

All seems good and true,

And time spent apart

Brings misery to you.


Remember to be wise,

And take love bit by bit

For everyone has weaknesses

And throws an angry fit.


When love comes with feelings

That shake you to your core,

Your anger can wound you

When you yell: “No more.”


You must control your feelings

And take a “time-out.”

Learn to breathe deeply

When you want to shout.


For love is rare and precious

And needs nourishment to grow.

Forgiveness and kindness

Are the things that make it so.