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Have you ever sat and watched

a waterfall awhile

and found each separate water drop

caused your soul to smile?


Have you ever walked in gentle rain

with your face turned toward the sky

and felt the soft hands of the rain

wash tears from your eyes?


Have you held a flower in your hand

and ached with it’s sweet beauty

and gazed into it’s very heart

until you found eternity?


Have you moved through a forest

to sit upon the ground

and allowed your ears to hear

total silence without sound?


Have you hiked along a river

and watched the sunlight play

and dance upon the water

until the end of day?


Have you closed your eyes in nature

in the early morning light,

and focused on the melodies

of birds taking flight?


God shows us that He cares for us

By the gifts He leaves behind.

They bring us faith and hope

and give us peace of mind.