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Sweet snapshots of the memories,

I shared with you while growing old.

When I was gone, they kept me warm

Even when the days were cold.


Best friends we were for thirty years.

The secrets that we came to share.

Your trust in me and your support

Was something I considered rare.


We laughed and cried when life was tough.

You pulled me up when I would fall,

And when you doubted your true self,

I made you feel ten feet tall.


When losses came and life was sad,

We wiped away each others tears,

And when death knocked upon our doors,

We calmed each other of our fears.


The years went by and you forgot

The memories we shared in-kind.

Old age played havoc with your thoughts

And took away your quick mind.


The friend I knew has gone away.

A stranger stands in front of me.

Sadness fills my heart with pain.

We’re not the friends we used to be.