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Deep sadness moves inside me               

Found on Pinterest on 6-4-16. Sarah.

for the world is full of sorrow.

Inside me is uncertainty

about a good tomorrow.


I hear the cries of children

filled with hunger and pain

as they stay in cages 

in a world gone insane.


There is so much sickness

and people are dying.

Our leaders shut their eyes

and keep on denying.


The Government engages in

out-right discrimination,

People wanting equal rights

protest and have frustration.

Found on Pinterest on 2-9-16. Helping hands.


Many have lost their jobs

and need a helping hand. 

Don’t shame them as they ask. 

Just try and understand.               


Rise up men of courage

and work to make this right.

Help those who are hungry.

Remove a burden tonight. 


To make a better world,

we must act to make it so.

Do constant acts of kindness

before the cold winds blow.


United we can conquer

the sadness and despair

of a world that is hurting

by showing that we care.