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All the light we cannot see,

The measure of eternity

Lie behind heaven’s gate

And like most, we must wait.


Found on Mindfulness and Facebook time line.

There is work to be done                                            

Before the setting of the sun.

We must find our purpose here

And lose the things we hold most dear.


Christ appeared to set us free,

But paid the cost at Calvary.

He did not have a painless life.

He dealt with so much endless strife.


He persevered despite the jeers,

Fulfilled His purpose through the years,

Gave us life forever more,

And gave us wings so we could soar.


We have gifts from God to give

that can improve the will to live

Of weary souls who’ve had enough

And find it hard to still be tough.


We need to remember well

God’s message we must always tell:

Love is our purpose here on earth 

And life eternal through Christ’s birth.