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Do not forget, not yet,

The dead, and the dying,

And the medical heroes who worked

To save those who were trying                               

Facebook Timeline. Jan.5,2017.


To take a deep breath and

Fought hard to still survive

The horrors of the pandemic.

They wanted to stay alive.


They had to deal with the pain

Of isolation and never knowing

If they would see loved ones again

Or watch deep rivers flowing.


Doctors and nurses stood near,

Aware that death hovered over them.

They said prayers for the dying

As tired eyes grew dim.

Found on Pinterest on 7-2-16. Peter Marshall









Many old soldiers left loved ones,                               

As they crossed oceans to fight    

With comrades on distant battlefields.

They, too, saw the dying of the soul’s light. 


Wars are fought on many battlefronts. 

Heroes rise and often pay a price

So others can survive. Sometimes,

They make the ultimate sacrifice.


” This poem is written in honor of those who have fought in wars overseas, those fighting to save lives in the COVID-19 Pandemic in the year 2020, and those who have died.”