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I go to my garden refuge                               

Found on Pinterest on 5-15-17. Coral Honeysuckle. Saved from Indulgy.com

When I need a healing salve

To cover the wounds inside me

From old losses that I have.


I smell the sweet honeysuckle

That grows on the back yard fence,

And the flowers that bloom in summer

Keep me in a state of suspense.


Many colors of Iris stand tall

In the rays of the morning sun.

The birds wake up to sing a tune

And stop when the day is done.


Found on Pinterest on 2-23-17. Vladimir Volegov. Volegov.com.

My soul needs its’ quota of beauty                     

To thrive in a world of despair.

It brings me close to the Almighty

Whose gifts can be seen everywhere.


God knew I would need reminding

That He is present every day,

So He sent gifts of beauty-

Lovely flowers to grace my way.