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Found on 2-11-17 on Pinterest. Vladimir Volegov. Don’t be afraid..volegov.com.

Mother’s Day is a special day in which we seek to thank those people in our lives who have nurtured us, accepted us, and protected us in ways others have not. They  hold us close when our hearts are breaking. They give us faith in ourselves and tell us that we are capable of amazing things. They are people who guide us through the difficulties of life and hold us up when our legs can no longer carry us. They are the ones who tell us things we don’t want to face and they encourage us to grow. They accept us with our weaknesses, our mistakes, and sometimes our unfairness towards them for they know we are capable of learning, growing and being a blessing in this world.                                                                   

Sometimes, it is the Mother who gave birth to us, or a grandmother who  steps  in to help. Often, it is a teacher, a pastor, a mentor, a neighbor, or an older friend. It may be other people who enter our lives and give us nurturing, guidance, and acceptance for a time. We find it is important to honor the women in our lives and appreciate what they do for us. God sends these special women into our lives as a gift, a rare gift of love.