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God created a Garden                                                             

Veronique-coutie. Found on Pinterest-3-8-19.

With such infinite care. 

He filled it with lovely trees

And flowers that were rare.


He stood near a lofty giant

And touched its bark with His hands.

He could feel the tree sap flowing

As He gazed toward distant lands.


He carved the earth for a river

That would water the plants that grew

Throughout the Garden of Eden

That He had made brand new.


He was pleased when the river filled

With the rain He caused to fall

Over the grasses and flowers

And where the trees stood tall.


God walked in the cool of the evening

After the sun went down.

He enjoyed the beauty of summer

And sleeping on the ground.


Yet, He found something was missing                                 

Found on Pinterest on 6-21-18. Nature Walkz.com. By Christopher Gandy.

That would make it more complete.

So He created the birds to sing

Sweet notes they could repeat.


And the world was far more lovely

When He placed stars in the sky

And a moon to lighten the darkness

As the night drew nigh.


God loved what He had created

And was happy for a while,

But something was still missing.

He longed for another’s smile.


God created human companions

Who could love and converse with Him,

And  share in the beautiful music

Of the heavenly seraphim.