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Sing praises to the Heavenly King,                         

Found on Pinterest on 11-12-17. reiki.reikihealingsecr. Camino al cielo.

For Christ, He has risen.

Lift your voices to the skies,

We now have a new vision.


Once, death we could not overcome

and losses multiplied.

We knew we’d never see again

Loved ones who died.


But Christ has made it possible

For us to live again,

In a different place and time

Absolved of all sin.


We’ll greet the ones who touched our lives

And hold our loved ones near.

Found on Pinterest on 3-18-16. Easter Resurrection Greeting Card. Robyn Stacey.

We’ll play with our special pets,

And wipe away a tear.


We’ll sit near the Lamb of God                 

As He tells a story.

We’ll marvel at His parables

And drink in His glory.


Sing praises for the Holy One,

Who died for you and me,

So we could live with peace and joy

For an eternity.