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Love lifted me up

on wings of glory

to knock on heaven’s gate.

God asked me to tell my story:

“Was your life built on love or hate?”


“Did you love the Good Lord

with all of your heart

and try to do His will?

Did bitterness come and tear you apart

from a God who loves you still?”


“Did you give to the hungry

and share with the poor

the resources you had,

and welcome the stranger at your door

and make him feel less sad?”


I looked down, as God spoke,

tears flowing from my eyes.

” I loved my neighbor well 

and I heard the stranger’s cries.

But Faith is where I fell.”


“I wanted more for me

which I felt I deserved.

So I placed the blame on God

and that is how I swerved

from His path, on to the sod.”


“I tried with all my heart

to do what God wanted.

But I couldn’t seem to see

the blessings. I was haunted

by the failures in me.”


“To trust in God was hard.

So much I did not know. 

I tried to do God’s will.

I tried so hard to grow.

I failed Him I know.”


I wept as I knelt in

the green grass, with shame.

I heard the gate open,

 and God called my name.

“Come child, come on in.”