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Have you ever been kissed by the sun

and felt the sweat on your skin

as you reached down into the earth

to see new plant life begin?


Have you felt sweet rain on your face

as your eyes looked up into heaven,

and closed them to savor the memory

like you did when you were eleven ?  


Have you ever seen honeysuckle vines

filled with flowers and heavenly smells,

touched the soft petals of a rose, 

or walked through a field of blue bells?


Have you ever built a camp-fire 

at night under a starry sky,

gazed into the heart of the flames,

and felt that God was nigh?


Have you ever cradled a child

close to your heart and knew,

they would be loved forever

and cherished deeply by you?


These are the moments we seek 

when we need to replenish the soul.

Such mindful moments enrich our lives,

and help us again become whole.