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A colony of ants

lived in a city of sorts.

They lived by group rules

and worked with cohorts.


They accomplished a lot

when they worked with each other

to achieve the same goals

in all kinds of weather.


One had to admire how                               

Found on Pinterest on 4-7-17. Akhyar Maha on Five hundredpx.

much the ants  gave

to bring home enough food,

so some they could save.


The ants used a routine

to get what they needed

so all could survive

without being cheated.


But some were unhappy,

and a few wanted more

of the good things in life

that were kept in a store.


They disobeyed rules

and gave up on routines.

They took what they wanted

and caused a big scene.


When it came to each other,

they chose not to share

with the whole group of ants

when their cupboards were bare.


They kept to themselves

and ate all that they had.

They lost group respect

and slowly went mad.


For what was important

in living their lives

” was to care about others

and live without strife.”