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As a nation of people, we come together to choose how we want to live, and how we will act toward others. We are given the right to vote as citizens, as individuals, to cast a ballot, and those who actually vote will determine how we govern, what values our Country will ascribe to, what laws we follow, and how we treat others in our Country, and the other countries in the world.

Each vote is important.  It is fortunate that we live in a democracy. It is up to the voters to insist we have fair elections, that people follow the rules of voting, and respect the rights of other citizens to vote. Those who refuse to do so must be held accountable in order for a democracy to work. Bullying voters, stealing elections, manipulating the voting system always threatens a democracy. Such behavior cannot be tolerated. It breaks the trust of the American people. It often ends in an abuse of power.

Each time we vote, we must ask ourselves the hard questions in order to make wise decisions. We need to evaluate whether or not the people we elect are working in the best interest of the American people. Are they seeking to meet the needs of all Americans or are they being bought to put party before the needs of all Americans? Tough questions must be answered and we need to vote accordingly.

Are the people we voted for safeguarding the trust of older Americans who for years had money taken out of their paychecks to pay for retirement and who were told the money was put in a trust fund they could draw upon in their old age, and live their last years with dignity and be independent? Are they upholding  their contract with the old, or are they taking money away from the old to pay for their own political interests? No matter what law they manipulated into taking the money that did not belong to them, congress needs to honor the contract. To refuse to do so is stealing, fraud, and abusive. Voters must vote accordingly and hold them accountable.

Are the people we voted for taking care of the needs of the disabled? Are they removing the obstacles that keep the disabled from receiving their benefits so they can survive? Are the people we voted for abusing and neglecting the most vulnerable in our Country in order to give tax cuts to the rich? If so, we must hold them accountable for neglecting the disabled, the sick, the dying, the poor, and the children who are hungry.

As a Nation, are we making sure the people we vote for are not creating suffering for the American people, but are trying to prevent and relieve suffering for those who need help? Do we believe in justice, freedom, compassion, and kindness for others? What kind of world do we want to live in and leave for our children? We have choices in whether we vote or not. We have choices in who we pick to rule over us. Choose wisely the people you vote for. We determine the kind of Country we live in.