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Fear gallops across the landscape of my mind.

Uncontrolled stress hits me from behind.

My heart races and beats like a drum.

Thoughts disappear and feelings become numb.

Muscles grow tight holding it all in.

I become convinced there’s no way to win.


I cut off my thoughts and say they don’t exist.

I let fear control me and watch myself twist.

I cry out in shame and lose all my pride.

I hold fear within and find a place to hide.

Still, I can find courage living in me

And commit to a process to set us all free.


I will act on a commitment to trust others more.

I will reach out my hand and seek to restore

The Self that I lost in the long ago

When my heart was crushed with a terrible blow.

I will learn to breathe deep and let muscles relax

While I connect with my parts and remove my mask.