” I came across this article I wrote in Nov. 2014. It still brings me to tears as I read it. Five years have gone by and I have seen many changes in Congress and the American people. The changes have wounded me. They have yanked out of me all of the dreams I saw possible in America when I was young, and full of ideals. I have worked hard to rectify the situation by signing petitions, calling and writing congress, talking to people, and keeping informed. Maybe someday, we can be that shinning light on a hill, for other nations, and the American people. Maybe, if we finally wake up, we can again work to embody, ‘freedom, justice, and equality for all.’ I pray that it may happen for all of us. It will take hard work and the vision that we can be better human beings than we are now.” 12-07-19. Yu/stan/kema.


“My Country ‘Tis Of Thee”

When I was growing up in a mid-sized town in the  middle of America’s Heartland, we could all recite the Pledge of Allegiance and could sing  the song  “America” by heart. When a flag went by, we stood at attention with our hands held over our hearts. At the age of eleven, I could recite all  the names of the presidents in the order in which they served this great country. We learned a lot of things about the presidents and the battles fought to keep our land and people safe. I had the great opportunity of seeing Eisenhower in person and I watched him become president. I remember many of us wearing badges on the front of our shirts which had the logo,” I like Ike.” I had the honor of hearing the stirring words of John F. Kennedy, ” Ask Not what your country can do for you but rather ask, what can…

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