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A MAN WHO LOVES THE SOIL                                                          

I think a man who loves the soil,

Harvesting a wheat field in S. Dakota. travelsd.com. Found on Pinterest.

Who bends above the fertile earth,

And plants the seed with calloused hands

Must be a gentle man of worth.

A man who cherishes the sod

Must surely be a friend of God!


I think a man who loves the soil;

Who nurtures every growing thing,

And watches with expectancy

For nature’s fruitful harvesting,

Who oft has plowed the lands he’s trod,

Must be a partner of God.


I think a man who loves the soil

Finds happiness in rich supply;

Though toil he must to earn his bread

He reaps much more than wheat and rye,

For with each little grain or pod

He cultivates a faith in God.



” A farmer spends a lot of his life outdoors

and watches the seasons come and go. He

experiences bringing forth life by planting a

seed in the ground and nurturing it.

He watches it grow, and harvests it.

He watches it die, plows it under, and

waits until it is time to plant seed again.

Nature brings him closer to God because

of what he does.”        YU/STAN/KEMA