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 ” Every one of us yearns for peace in living, in some form or another. A baby finds it in the arms of his caring mother as she rocks him to sleep. A child finds it playing outside in the dappled sunlight as he watches the insects, smells the fresh clean air, and hears the sounds of birds singing and chirping in a quiet meadow or forest.

A mother finds peace as she watches her child fall asleep in a house filled with kindness and love. A man finds peace in fishing as he watches the water and the sky while casting for trout. And an old woman finds peace in knowing she has loved well the people she has cared for and has raised children who do acts of kindness for those who are most vulnerable.

Peace is something we all need, to balance out the times we encounter stress, and the times we carry losses that overwhelm us. Some people find peace in their relationship with God, their loved ones, the things they create, or in nature. This is expressed so eloquently in the following poem by Edgar Daniel Kramer.”     Yu/stan/kema.


Found on Facebook Timeline on 7-24-17. Country and Farm Photography. Taken by Carolyn Anderson.







I have found peace where the rippling waters

Ever whisper the willow boughs;

There I have knelt to an unseen altar.

An unseen temple has heard my vows.


Found on Pinterest on 12-17-16. Stephen Hayward. Stars

I have lifted my heart to the heart of beauty

And I have given my soul to her,

As I have hearkened the rippling waters,

Where the willow leaves and the grasses stir.


Though I was blind, now my eyes are seeing…

The mystic wonders that never cease;

The dawn in the trees, the dusk on the flowers,

The dust of the stars, and I have found peace.